Clients Testimonial

“Shuguang is an exceptional statistician and bioinformaticist with a gift for translating complex scientific data into meaningful results. He has a firm understanding of what regulatory bodies, payers and clinicians want to know about healthcare related products. Shuguang works hand in hand with clients to help achieve their goals by listening, providing guidance, generating new ideas, and executing agreed upon plans. He is a pleasure to work with and makes the challenges of scientific and clinical research achievable and enjoyable”

- Sara Jackson, Vice President of Clinical Development, Interpace Diagnostics

“I had the honor of working with Shuguang for several years in the capacity of Associate VP – Statistics/Informatics. Shuguang is both an accomplished manager/leader and an excellent technical developer, a rare combination. He is particularly skilled at identifying and recruiting superior talent to his teams. He and his team accomplished an array of material achievements and projects contributing significantly to the development of products and services in the Cancer Diagnostics and Biomarker domains. Projects ranged from applied statistics and Quality control in the development of live cell, RNA and protein based assays, to RNA expression based predictive and prognostic markers of therapeutic efficacy. Shuguang and his team were delivered on many varied projects efficiently and effectively. I very much enjoyed working with someone of Shuguang’s caliber, and highly recommend him in that capacity.”

- Mike Gabrin, VP R&D, Zoll
“We started to utilize Stat4ward as a specialty statistical resource in 2018. Stat4ward provided critical supplemental resources and expertise in the biomarker area that include:  
  • Biomarker assay development and validation, biomarker assay qualification and acceptance criteria. Biomarker bridging studies.
  • Immunogenicity assay development and data analysis. Stat4ward provided important supplemental expertise and resource for anti-drug-antibody (ADA) assay development. When it comes to ADA work for gene therapy, Stat4ward has the unique expertise in the assay development and clinical data analysis.
  • Stat4ward has also provided exploratory biomarker analyses from time to time.
Overall, we have been very happy with our collaboration with Stat4ward. They are very responsive, flexible, customer focused, and professional. Their work is of very high quality.”

Feng Gao, Sr. Director, Biostatistics, Biogen

“Working with Shuguang and Stat4ward was easy and highly productive. His ability to digest complex information then suggest the appropriate statistical approach saved my group time and money. Above all he is easy to communicate with and made every effort to ensure that reports and analysis were given on time. Shuguang’s positive attitude, breadth of knowledge, and quality of work would make him and Stat4ward an asset to anyone dealing with projects ranging from assay development through clinical studies”

Alethea Wieland, Managing Director/President, SCOPE International USA, Inc.

“Shuguang is a very experienced statistician and bioinformatics professional whose command of translational research is at an expert level. He is an outstanding team-builder, consensus-builder, and all-around nice guy to work with. No matter what stage of development your product is in, and no matter how small or large your trials program is, Shuguang will provide a best-in-class personalized solution. On a scale from 1 to 10, Shuguang delivers a 10, and I endorse him as a terrific life science business partner”

Elise Gill, R&D scientist, Stemnion
“I’ve been working with Stat4ward, including Shuguang Huang and Hannah Zhao, for the last few years. The aspect of their services that I appreciate most is the quality and timeliness of their work. This team takes the time to thoroughly understand the research topic, analyze data, and double-check their work to provide quality results the first time. Additionally, they document the assumptions used to generate data tables when presenting their work. As a result of their carefulness and ability to deliver in a short timeline, I can provide top-line results to the company I work for.”
Natalie Luke, Vice President-Medical Research, Education & Outcomes. Pathnostics

“As a Head of Translational Medicine at Kite a Gilead company, I had the pleasure to work with Dr. Shuguang Huang and stat4ward on projects very relevant to understanding the performance of CAR T cell products. The sophistication and expertise of their team, in combination with the collaborative spirit, let to significant progress and successful output”

Adrian Bot, Chief Scientific Officer, Capstan Therapeutics
“Shuguang assisted our company through a critical juncture in our analytical validation design process.  He was responsive to our needs and provided well thought-out guidance via both verbal communication and solid documentation.  He provided us with an additional point of view that was invaluable to our progress and we appreciated his professional approach to the project.”
Laurie Huard FACHE, Chief Operating Officer, Clinical Genomics